Monday, March 17, 2008

Break in

The early AM phone call from the alarm company is always a shock. I have had more than my share of these, a good number of them being false alarms. This morning, not so lucky. My third break in, in two years.

As before I am thankful for minimal damage; still it is a trauma and a burden. They didn't take anything, a simple crash and grab, thwarted by no cash on the premises. There is however always a cost. My partner had gone to bed early to catch up on some sleep that was short lived. My day off, the first in months will be spent waiting for the glass repair company. It seems it was a busy night, they are overwhelmed with calls, and I am way down the list. A neighborhood kid was questioned, as he was biking past at the alarm, it wasn't him.
Apparently there are 4-5 breaks-ins in Saanich each week, with a request in to increase officers for the municipality. My incident was responded to immediately by officers, and a dog, the CSI was busy so somewhat delayed. My break in right off the bat effected several people.
I will pay for the cost of another window, just under my insurance deductible of $600.00. The statue thrown through the window a write off, and a nice dent in the floor, I will be living with. It was likely someone looking for a few bucks for drugs. Unfortunately his lack of success at my place will mean he will still be short of funds. Where does it end?

This is my neighborhood; it is a nice neighborhood, full of nice families. It is a middle class neighborhood of working people, well away from the downtown core, and visible drug problems. I have lived here all my life, I have always felt safe. I never worried about walking around anywhere in this city at night. It took me a long time to move from that position. I find myself warning tourists where to avoid, not to be out late nights in some areas of downtown, things have changed.
I hope that whoever thought they needed the money enough to throw a concrete statue through my window doesn't find him in the desperate position where physical harm becomes the result. Where does it end?

I still feel I live in a safe city, am I living in the past, the crime stats say,

"The break and enter rates in Chilliwack, B.C., Victoria and Regina, for instance, rank within the top 10 per cent of all American cities"

"The top 10 high-crime cities in the MacLean’s list are led by Regina, Saskatoon and Winnipeg in a near tie at between 146.3 and 144.6 per cent above the national average. Those are followed by Prince George, Edmonton, New Westminster, Chilliwack, Victoria, Vancouver and Halifax. "

Is my feeling safe in my home town becoming delusional, it is time to face issues as a community. I have always believed I live in one of the best places in the world; I don't want to accept anything less.