Friday, July 8, 2011

Outdoor Paintings

I installed the final touches to the fence at the top of the pond today. We haven't put any fish in the pond because I am worried about our resident minks making meals of them. I am settling for some painted fish that swim above the pond instead.

Well....I thought it was funny.
Here is the first rough sketch on concrete board so it can be outside.
Branding is important so of course now I am laying in the corporate colors, lol.
more fishes
We can't not use the Urban Oasis blue
Look both the store colors
The final four panels
Here are some fishy colors
...And the final panels installed above the pond, just in time for the pond tour tomorrow!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Couvelier Pavilion Capital Campaign

Urban Oasis is pleased to support the Horticultural Centre of the Pacific's fundraising efforts to replace the greenhouse lost in a fire, and improve the site which is home to Glendale Gardens, and the Horticulture School. The HCP also hosts many great community events, and weddings on their lovely grounds.

We are donating 50% from the sales of our daylily seedlings. We have about 160 one of a kind seedlings on our sales bench. We are selling them at $10 each.

Couvelier Pavilion Capital Campaign

It's Daylily time at Urban Oasis

The Daylilies have just started to bloom. Stop in and visit our demonstration beds, they should be at their peak in a 2-3 weeks. We have 120 named Cultivars you can preview the catalog on our web site. More exciting for me is watching the seedlings bloom. I expect to see at least 1000 unique Daylilies put out their maiden blooms this season. Here is one of the first to bloom. (Going Bananas x Cool Blue Breeze A) This flower is out of Going Banana's and Cool Blue Breeze. The picture detail is terrible, it is the most amazing pale amber apricot color with a pure crimson eye and veins. The flower has a delicate cerise overlay that is almost hot fuchsia at the midribs with lots of diamond dusting. It is big too, almost 6". I can't wait to see if the blooms improve as the plant matures. Here are pictures of the parents, who was it that said purple and yellow make muddy colors. This cross came out as pretty as a sunset.
Going Banana's is the Momma. Cool Blue Breeze is the Poppa I have already crossed (Going Bananas x Cool Blue Breeze A) with Joseph's Coat
Joseph's Coat

I used the (Going Bananas x Cool Blue Breeze A) pollen on Lilywood Orchid Tones, a flower I am using to add veining to my breeding program. It is a great parent for patterned eyes, which I believe should work for veins too.

Lilywood Orchid Tones

So far I have wanted to keep 2 out of 3 of my new flowers, hmmm 997 or more to go this could be trouble!

Ask about our daylily breeding program and take a peak at the seedling nursery, you could be the first to see a new flower make it's debut into the world. You would have to get there early though because thats the first thing I do every morning, grab a coffee and check out the Seedlings.