Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Evergreen Wreaths

Wreath making is an easy and rewarding fall project. A wealth of wreath materials can be collected from fall pruning chores, maybe your neighbor needs a hand if your garden doesn’t contain the right shrubs, or trees. One cedar hedge will have enough materials for an entire block.

Most evergreen plants can be used in mixed wreaths. I like to use as many species of conifer as I can find, and broadleaf evergreens such as Salal, and Holly, but have even added English laurel, Osmanthus, Viburnum, and evergreen Magnolia to the mix.

The first step is to bulk out, and disguise the wire frame by wiring moss or cedar boughs to it. Paddle wire wound around the frame will hold everything together.

I make small bouquets from the materials I have collected, wiring the stems to hold them as a unit. The shorter your bundles the more you will need. Most wreaths will take 25 of more of these bundles.

When you have your bundles complete place the first one on the wreath wrap your wire over the stem and around your wreath form until it is secure. If you wish you can add a bit of moss over the stem ends before wiring. Lay your next bundle the same way, covering the first ones stems by the second ones top, and wire as before. Continue to wire in the remaining bundles until the wreath form is filled.

Once the form is filled you can add accents like a bow or wire in contrasting foliage or berry to decorate. Make sure you add a loop of wire for hanging, and you’re done.