Tuesday, June 30, 2009

We are Settling in

Moving the garden centre during May was a busy time, therefore I haven't spent much time blogging. We are very excited about our new location and settling in nicely. Renovations will continue for some time, it is coming together, and we have lots of surprises in store. Check out the pics.

Meet Cleo our new puppy.

The first pallet of Seasoil.

The cash desk is in place. In the background you can see the double doors that will be used for the side entrance to the nursery

Geraniums in place and open for business.

Lots of new giftware and tropicals in our giftshop.

The new windows replaced chainlink over boards. It looks like a store!

We had to bring the succulent chair with us from the old site. It's filling in nicely after a tough winter.

The pond benches are up, and the water plants arrived this Friday.

Agapanthus in full bloom.

This is a new red Cordyline, what a show stopper.

We have dahlias in 2 gallon pots for great instant color. I couldn't resist snapping a pic of this orange beauty.

A couple of the demonstration flower beds have been planted.

The foxgloves and Tiarella are towering over the shelves.

We brought in a collection of gorgeous ferns from Novus Nursery.

We also added a new line of statuary to our collection.

This cutie, is Campanula "Samantha".

Brennan planted the rock wall in the side yard, we plan on expanding our herbs, and rockery section into this hot sunny section of the nursery.

A few of the rockery and Alpine plants.

Orange pot lilies paired up with a couple of the grasses.

We have several Campanulas coming into bloom.

Grasses and Hebes form a good drought resistant combo for a sunny spot.

Agave, Yuccas, and Echevaria.

Looking toward the front gate.

The old red barn will hold chickens one day.

I wanted to do something fun for kids by the gate to the chicken coop, so I made a Fairy garden.

" The Watcher" looks over the garden.

The Fairy garden was the perfect use for an ugly power pole in the middle of the nursery.

These concrete hobbit house fronts, are available, and make creating a miniature garden a snap.
Looking toward barn, and back of nursery.

My favorite Gargoyle, content under a Japanese maple.

The Gary Oak keeps the temperature pleasant in the Garden Centre.

We have had a good time planting various grasses, groundcovers, and succulents as hair for the Facepots.

Entrance to undercover area.

Check back soon, we have lots of renovation plans in the works. Drop by and say Hi, we would love to give you a tour.