Sunday, June 1, 2008

Y grip tool

It is always nice to see new products that truly are different. I occasionally have people come to my shop with objects they would like to market. I never know how it's going to go when I hear, they have something they to show me, " it's just in the trunk of my car"

I have seen some amazing things in parking lots. It can also be an exercise in tact. Grampa's bird houses, Billy's painted rock, special one of a kind driftwood bits, decorated pots, and tools don't always hold the test of wide appeal. I am always looking for new things, and objects d' art, but retail is ruthless, it has to sell. It is with trepidation I head into the parking lot, I have been pleasantly surprised....but more often, I have to let someone down.

This was not the case when Paul, a massage therapist "with a tool, I invented", showed up. I loved it! It simply was new, and innovative, simple and effective. Again,... I was delighted, and agreed to take his product in a flash.

I have paddled competitively, and coach a seniors team, so Paul and I were on the same page when it came to wrists, ergonomic designs and neutral alignment. Paddlers suffer the same wrist issues, that are aggravated using a trowel. I was definitely his new biggest fan. I am happy to promote his new tool any way I can.

I showed it to a customer with very bad arthritis, and she agreed it was brilliant. She could hold it, and although she has very little use of one hand she could put pressure on the blade with her bad hand, while holding with her good. She thought with her body weight, and two hands it would be possible to use.
check it out for yourself, is very reasonably priced too!