Saturday, March 19, 2011

New plants from Terra Nova

Here is a sample of some of the new plants we are growing in our new greenhouse. They should be ready for May sales

Podophyllum 'Spotty Dottty'

This brilliant hybrid of several Asian Mayapples boasts large, vigorous, lobed umbrella shaped leaves. leaves are chartreuse with dramatic chocolate-brown spotting throughout the spring. like nothing you’ve ever seen! In summer, the leaves are green with lightly spotted areas. Huge garnet-hued flowers are found under the leaves in clusters of 5 or more. This form was selected for its coloring, frost tolerance, vigor, and rhizomatous habit. All Podophyllum prefer shade and moist cool, well composted soil. Avoid drought stress. Protect from hard frosts in spring. Loves organic fertilizer or compost tea.

Cistus 'Mackie'

This stable variegated form of Cistus hybridus has a low, mounding habit that hugs the ground and creates a super colorful, evergreen colorspot. 'Mickie' hales from northern Washington State and has survived some brutal winters. Charming white flowers punctuate the flashy foliage in May and June.

Geum 'Eos'
One peek and you will see why this glowing plant was named after the goddess of the dawn. Bright orange flowers punctuate this golden statement. The compact habit makes this plant a natural for sunny containers and for the front of the border in the garden. Easy and carefree.

Pulmonaria 'Silver Bouquet'
Terra Nova's first new Pulmonaria introduction in years - why? It has it all - cevennensis breeding for mildew resistance, heat and humidity tolerance with large coral to pink to violet flowers that “look at you.” Features an excellent shelf life with a very short delay from flower to foliage form. Spectacular silver foliage makes this a winner!

Hosta 'Rasberry Sundae'
Lovely compact Hosta with beautifully variegated leaves and striking deep burgundy petioles, leaf bases, and flower stalks. Terra Nova worked on this one for many years perfecting the combination of variegation and introducing the red pigmentation to the foliage. Flower color is deep lavender purple in August.

Huecherella 'Sweet Tea'
Huge cinnamon stars are surrounded by the loveliest orange tea colored borders. A new, instant classic for containers and garden. Undeniably the most intensely colored Heucherella ever! The big, palmately cut leaves darken in the summer and lighten up again in the fall. Its H. villosa breeding gives it a big bold habit.

Helleborus 'Honeyhill Joy'
This hybrid from Honeyhill Farms is exceptional for its quantities of large, outfacing, cream-centered, white flowers over vigorous, shiny, blue tinged foliage. Plant ‘Honeyhill Joy’ at your entry to enjoy the exceptionally early 2-month long show of marvelous, late winter blooms. Foliage is exceptionally weather-resistant.

Helleborus 'Hot Flash'
Sumptuously silvered and red veined, this outstanding evergreen Hellebore sports deeply serrate edges to create one HOT leaf. Blooms in late winter to early spring with pale green flowers blushed with pink. Wonderful in the front of the border for its clean good looks and winter interest. requires good drainage to thrive.

Huechera 'Midnight Rose'
Hot pink splashes adorn this vigorous growing ‘Obsidian’ sport. Pink flecks emerge in spring and continue to enlarge and brighten before lightening to cream as the season progresses. Bold, black, and beautiful for sunny locations. This marvelous addition was discovered at Behnke Nursery. A special find! Voted Best New Plant in Show at the Woking Nursery show in England in 2008.

Eucomis 'Oakhurst'

Strap-like burgundy foliage and pineapple-like stalks of creamy flowers. Originally found in a San Diego Nursery, this deep-purple leafed novelty has loved blazing sun there for nearly 20 years. It has a tropical look and combines well in mixed containers. Also, it lasts an amazing 21 days as a cut flower!

Coreopsis 'Cranberry Ice'
Compact habit with continuous bloom of cranberry colored flowers with a white edge. Blooms all summer. Lovely, informal mounding habit, lends itself to containers or beds.

Acanthus 'Whitewater'

This vigorous, variegated Acanthus has striking, bold leaves with deeply cut white margins and splashing. It forms a large clump with 4’ tall showy flower stalks with pink and cream flowers in summer. This was bred with A. ‘Summer Beauty’ for vigor, more hardiness and heat and humidity tolerance.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

New plants this week

Belarina Primulas

Beautiful double Belarina primula have arrived at the nursery.

Belarina has an exciting new range of fully double fragrant primulas hardy to zone 5.

Vibrant colours to brighten beds, patios, containers, and window boxes from late January onwards.

Great early season colour.

Enjoy them as a houseplant or give them as a host gift.

Once the flowers fade they may be planted in the garden as they are a true perennial.

David & Priscilla Kerley specialize in breeding patio plants and created these beauties

Laser Series Cyclamen

Hardy Cyclamen have never been as big and showy as their florist trade relations. The new Laser series marries big showy foliage and flowers with a hardy plant.

They are in fact the same species as the florists variety 'Cyclamen persicum' but have been bred for species hardiness.The species persicum is marginally hardy in zone 8, so technically is worth a try in a sheltered location in Victoria.

There are no guarantees these beauties will over winter reliably here in Victoria, but I for one will be one of those who just has to try.

Even if they are not hardy they will make an amazing bedding out plant, and companion to the early spring plants. I already love them in containers.

If you can't bear to risk losing them , they could easily be overwintered in containers brought into a garage or unheated greenhouse that will stay above 0 Celsius. I have found cases of them surviving to below -3 Celsius.

Super Trooper Dianthus

I first tried Super Trooper Dianthus 4 years ago and I haven't been able to say enough nice things about this plant ever since. It is an all weather trooper that just keeps on going and going.

I couldn't resist trying it because it looked to good to be true, great big carnationlike fragrant blooms on a compact plant. I couldn't believe it was a dianthus.

I put it in a container at my front door, even though that spot is "too shady" and it thrived, and bloomed and bloomed. It was still blooming at Christmas. I figured it would bloom itself to death, and wondered if it was going to survive the winter.

It took right back up flowering in January, although I must admit the flowers looked like they had been borne of a winter freeze.

I have read this variety is short lived, but my four year old plant is still a marvel to me. It hasn't bloomed all winter again, having settled nicely into the seasons, but it always has a very long bloom period. The first flush is heavy, then it keeps right on putting out blooms all summer.