Saturday, July 18, 2009

Island Daylily Farm

Brennan and I took an afternoon off from renovating the nursery. I became inspired by Julia Brooke's post on Used Vic reminding daylily lovers that it was peak bloom period at the farm. My daylily obsession led us to Island Daylily Farm in Shawnigan Lake. I came across the Island Daylily web site last year, and have a long list of must haves from their catalogue. I have been busy planting daylily seeds, and fans purchased from the lily auction, but purposely have held off buying those available locally. Island Daylily Farms collection includes many varieties in the parentage of some of my daylily purchases, so I was keen to see the plants in bloom.

Prauge Spring
The drive out to the farm was lovely, and was a quick 30 minutes from Victoria. We found it easily as several phone poles leading to the farm had teasing messages to guide us along. The driveway is a little steep, but easy enough for even my little car. Brennan was calling for his bumper sticker before I noticed the "I survived the Island Daylilies driveway" bumper sticker on Julia's car. She had a sticker ready for us, and it is now on my car.
White Temptation

The daylilies were exquisite as promised as, and I thoroughly enjoyed a lengthy peruse amongst the well labelled beds. Brennan noted all the work that went into the retaining walls, and with an " they all look pretty to me" , retired to the shade. It was certainly hot, the dog hid under the car prompting us to head to the lake after our visit.

Annie Golightly

I bought 5 plants from my list, had a delightful chat with Joan, and plan on returning again soon. I need to pot up the 3000 seedlings I have before I go wild with more purchases.

If you are a fan of Daylilies I reccomend a trip out to Island Daylily Farms. It's an easy drive and you can also take in lunch, the Glassblowing studio, Silver Sage nurseries, or one of the wine tours the area boasts.

Little Grapette

Island Daylily Farms 1291 E. Shawnigan Lake Rd,