Sunday, February 24, 2008

New pottery has arrived!

I brought in concrete planters in a First Nations style, they are stunning. They have an amazing sense of weight, and calm, and will be perfect in a west coast theme garden.

The new pottery has arrived, phew, that makes for a couple long days! I am very happy with the glazes, especially the new green. The pictures don't do it justice, they are mottled a in a gorgeous chocolate color that gives a tortise shell like effect.


Matt and Jen said...

Oooh, I love those!

Pictures of stacked pots like that make me think of garden centers, and spring, and freedom outside. Aargh! I think I just got spring fever.

Kylee said...

Beautiful, beautiful pottery!!

Mad Man Bamboo said...

Cool and unique pottery!


Anonymous said...

Both of those First Nation containers bring up thoughts of moss plantings, or multi-stem bonsai/sakkei plantings more than anything with flowers. Scleranthus, perhaps, or Raoulia, if the drainage holes are big enough. Really 'strong' planters. Like them a lot!

Agree on the tortoiseshell ones: I have on with a Thuja 'Rheingold' in it - and I like that combination.

(Wish you hadn't poked my 'pot acquisition button', though...;-D )

mike said...

nice selection of pots and i love the concrete face.