Monday, March 24, 2008

March in the Garden Centre

The store is beginning to fill with Spring stock.

Herbs, and grasses are good cool weather choices

The succulents have begun to be available.
Early Spring is when many of the rockery plants bloom.

Bellis daisy, and pansies are frost tolerant.

This is my Mom, potting up some divisions, I can't thank her enough for her wonderful support.

Aubretia, and Arabis in bloom

Tree Heaths, and many Winter, and Spring flowering Heathers are in bloom in March.

Here is a potted Narcissus, shown against Nandina "Firepower"

One of the Easter baskets, with a resin bird to add cheer.

Hyacinth is a good choice to bring a little Spring indoors.

Another basket with one of my favorite plants, Helleborus "Ivory Prince" in the background. I love the compact nature, and sturdy habit the leaves of this variety has.

Viburnum tinus "Gwenallin", a dwarf variety, great in borders for year round interest.

These carnations don't seem to mind the cold at all. I had one still holding blooms through January. It is loaded with buds now, and will bloom all summer.

Ribes, our native Herald of Spring. Plant this to provide an early food source for Hummingbirds.

Clematis "Armandii", a Magnolia in bud, and Pieris japonica "Valley Valentine" still in full bloom.

Ranunculas is a member of the buttercup family that comes in every color of the rainbow. An excellent cool weather plant.

Flax, "Mauori Sunrise", Viburnum davidii, and Heather "Mary Helen" make a nice treesome.

Easter weekend has been a mix of weather; sun, rain, and a return of some colder temperatures. It is a good reminder not to rush the season. There are some cold tolerant bedding to choose, but I would stay away from the first offerings of tender bedding beginning to show up for sale. Stick with the gorgeous offerings that like the cold for a few weeks yet.