Sunday, April 6, 2008

Heathers, and Heaths

Last week the begining of Spring and summer flowering Heathers began to arrive. With this shipment came the Tree Heaths, "Erica arborea" These upright Heathers vary in heights between a couple of feet to over 6. My grower informed me that there is a local hedgerow where they have reached phone pole height.

The winter and Spring flowering Heathers provide great long lasting color for cool weather. I really like the Summer flowering varieties for their bright new growth. They run the gammat of pink, orange, red through bright yellow or green new growth. They do flower, but for the most part don't compare to their winter cousins for bloom. The new growth is so showy it is often mistaken for bloom, like pieris, or pointsettias.

Heathers include, Erica, Calluna, and Daboecia plants, each type varying in it's bloom period. Paying attention to selection, will provide year round blooms. Check the label, each variety has it's individual bloom cycle.

They prefer full sun, and well drained acidic soil. Add peat to soil at planting time.


Nancy J. Bond said...

Oh my, how beautiful!

chey said...

Those are absolutely beautiful!! I've not seen a selection of Heathers and Heaths like that in this neck of the woods. How lucky you are to be a gardener in BC! Cheers1

Philip Bewley said...

I always forget about Erica sp. and They are beautiful! The Mendocino botanical garden has a garden with mass plantings. Thanks for the reminder!