Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Cherry tree.

This is the view from my deck chair in May. My Kwanzan Cherry brings us a lot of pleasure. This is a beautiful tree.
It blooms with huge double pink flowers, and the new leaves are blushed with amber tones.

I get a birds eye view of these spectacular babies. The Kwanzan is great street tree, it has a big impact at a distance, even zooming by in a car.

I spent a lot of time placing this tree. I think it is 10 years old now. I wanted to see it from the patio. I measured, and measured, I wanted it as close as possible but not touching the house. I have a shady backyard so didn't want to create more shade on the sunny side. The tree is as far North as I could place it and still see it from the deck. I also wanted to see it from my bedroom window without blocking it. I moved that tree six inches here, and two feet there, for an hour before I thought it was perfect. I remember there was mocking, and even exasperation, but it was worth it.

It is close to but not touching the deck, and not encroaching on the path, all good things to consider when planting a tree.

Million dollar view.

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