Sunday, June 22, 2008


What happened to Spring?

The weather hasn't cooperated, but the flowers held up their part of the bargain. Spring bulbs have bowed out, and the summer show is taking the stage.

Another signpost of summer is the appearance of my Arisaema in the shade border. This unusual specimen remains dormant winter through Spring, suddenly appearing with the warmth.

I know it's Summer because in my yard the blooms of the bearded Iris tell me so. I was recently told they are grandma flowers, as are Oriental poppies.... hmmfff, I love mine!

Both these flowers are great examples how nature can make something spectacular from nothing.

The ground my beardies, and poppies grow in is dry and scrappy, yet these plants coax enormous luxuriant blooms from it. Froo froo, or exotic I can't walk by them without pausing to take in their beauty.

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