Sunday, February 13, 2011

New Pond at Urban Oasis

This hole will be a beautiful water feature soon!

Here is Dave working away in the cold of January, while I am in California visiting my Mom.

He doesn't appear too cold.

I know how cold and rainy it actually was though!


Here is what I came home to, what a wonderful surprise.

I am so excited, it's my turn to landscape around the pond.

Hmmm, how about a yellow Cryptomeria to start? Oh, the possibilities are endless.

Naww, thats not it.

I know I have to use 'Magic Merlot' the new variegated Skimmia. What goes with Merlot?

Blue Juniper ooh liking that, and Luma nice variegation, mahogany stems, lovely super fragrant blooms, but is there room for my new favorite ' Chocolate Box' Podocarpus, yum yum this is fun.

We are almost finished.

....just a couple bare spots for ground cover vines, I am waiting for. Have you ever seen a ground cover Clematis shrub, I discovered this gem last year. It blooms in summer.

I am planting ground cover perennial sweet pea vine for a Spring show tumbling over the rocks along the water fall too.

Your all invited to come see the pond, and the progress of the gardens. Grab a bench and relax with a cup of free trade coffee from Georgie's Cafe, browse the garden centre, and enjoy Dave Jewitt of Ponds Victoria's beautiful work.


Jane Logan said...

Will that clemantis survive in Edmonton?

Sandra Nelson said...

Clematis heracleifolia 'China Purple'
is hardy in zones 3-9