Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Christmas Arts & Craft Fair

Urban Oasis id hosting a Christmas Craft Fair, we are clearing out the gift shop, and turning it over to local Artists, Crafters, and other vendors who self locally produced food, or products. Watch for progress reports, and links to vendors starting Nov 15th.
We still have room for vendors, so if you would like to sell, and promote your wares in a unique venture, let us know, and we would love to share the details. We are very excited with this concept, and to be the first buy local samples cafe venue in town. It's a win win for customers, and vendors alike.
The customers get to check out samples of many local Artisan products, and learn about the Artist, Crafter, Chef, or Farmer, so they can visit them in their own location. It's meant to be a hub, of buy local products.
The vendors get to show of their products, and promote themselves. They can keep their products competitively priced, as there are no retail mark ups, or consignment. The shared costs of the space for one month works out to a small percent of the cost of a table at a weekend Craft event. The vendor is able to stay in their gallery, kitchen, studio, or farm, while we take care of the storefront sales.
We would love to hear any thoughts, or suggestion for our buy local samples cafe. We are using the Craft Fair as a Christmas event and trial run, but hope to make this a regular feature at the store. We are also looking for a name, so far Local Flavors, your buy local boutique is what has made it to the top of the list.

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