Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dafodils are in!

It's time to plant Spring bulbs. Take advantage of the beautiful weather and get them in now. Daffodils will in fact continue to grow through the cool weather so since bigger bulbs are better, the earlier the better for them.

We have some amazing new Daffodil's released this year, as well as some great tried and true cultivar. Daffodils really are the heralds of Spring. And best of all, deer don't eat them.

Cool Flame

Cool flame is just as it says, a stunning bright white, with a large cup that starts out apricot, and then pure flaming orange almost red.

Irene Copeland
So, so pretty! Irene Copeland is a perfect blend of white and yellow petals, it looks like a starburst.
This beauty is truly unique and will add a lot of pizazz to your Spring border. For a truly elegant Spring bouquet and a few of these dazzlers to the vase.

For a change from the typical trumpet daffodils try Tripartite, a split corona narcissus( note how the cup is split and lays flat). It's a vigorous grower with the added bonus of a sweet fragrance.

White Marvel
An unusual looking white Narcissus with a frilly closely packed double cup. White Marvel is another good choice to add interest to cut flower arrangements.

We have several other Daffodils to choose from, as well as some great mixes.

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