Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Christmas Rose

Helleborus Jacob is a wonderful new hybrid that blooms in Nov/Dec, so unlike most other Helleborus that bloom closer to February it truly is "The Christmas Rose"

This makes it a wonderful candidate to be brought indoors to enjoy for Christmas. Unlike the Pointsettia, the Helleborus can be be used outdoors in the garden, or containers for years of pleasure.

The Christmas Rose


When the Magi laid their rich offerings of myrrh, frankincense, and gold, by the bed of the sleeping Christ Child, legend says that a shepherd maiden stood outside the door quietly weeping.

She, too, had sought the Christ Child. She, too, desired to bring him gifts. But she had nothing to offer, for she was very poor indeed. In vain she had searched the countryside over for one little flower to bring Him, but she could find neither bloom nor leaf, for the winter had been cold.

And as she stood there weeping, an angel passing saw her sorrow, and stooping he brushed aside the snow at her feet. And there sprang up on the spot a cluster of beautiful winter roses,-- waxen white with pink tipped petals.

``Nor myrrh, nor frankincense, nor gold,'' said the angel, ``is offering more meet for the Christ Child than these pure Christmas Roses.''

Joyfully the shepherd maiden gathered the flowers and made her offering to the Holy Child.

By Lizzie Deas (Adapted

(from Good Stories for Great Holidays , by Frances Jenkins Olcott)

A link for a long version of the Legend, as well as other stories.

The buds are getting ready to open, and should be ready for Christmas.

I warmed these guys up in September, then returned them to the cold to initiate good bud formation for December.

They will make lovely indoor or outdoor Christmas containers.

The Christmas rose is to the Pointsettia, what the Orchid is to cut flowers, one is short lived and the other lasts for months in bloom. These plants could potentially bloom outside till May. I would enjoy them indoors for only a couple weeks so as not to knock their natural bloom cycle off.

Here are some outdoor containers potted up with pansies, perennials , and Spring bulbs. They should be amazing next Spring.

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