Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Trees Arrive today

The Christmas Trees arrive today

Urban Oasis is proud to offer fresh cut local Christmas Trees from Wintergreen Christmas Tree Farm in Mill Bay.
We went out to the farm last year to check out the trees, and they are all gorgeous trees.
The trees are lovingly cared for, using a modern approach tempered with old fashioned know how.
They are all grown from seedlings, which makes a big difference in obtaining a straight trunk.

These seedlings have been very carefully selected from favorite trees growing on the property.

How could a tree not be a "Happy Tree", being grown amongst generations of family, and this view.

We met the family dog, and had a good tromp through the property.

Wintergreen Tree Farm,

locally owned and family operated on

Vancouver Island,

harvests a variety of beautifully shaped

Christmas trees.

They harvest a variety of high quality Christmas trees with healthy,

dense foliage... Full of the fresh scent of Christmas!

  • Douglas Fir, Grand Fir, Noble, Pine
  • Range of sizes from tabletop (3 feet) to 9 feet
  • Extra large trees available for those special occassions
  • All trees are freshly cut for delivery
  • Tree baling optional
  • Family owned and operated since 1972, their trees are grown and handled with care.
    • Share the Christmas spirit!

Christmas Tree Varieties

All available in sizes averaging from 3 feet to 9 feet

We have Extra Large trees available for your Christmas Gala, banquet or busy foyer!

Pine Tree
Noble Fir
Grand Fir
Douglas Fir

Urban Oasis

Christmas tree price list

#1 Douglas fir 6’-7 ½’ $39.99

#2 Douglas fir 5’-7 ½’ $34.99

#1 Douglas fir 7 ½’-9’ $49.99

#3 Asst species 4’-6’ $29.99

Asst table top 3’ $19.99

#1 Grand fir 6’-7 ½’ $49.99

#2 Grand fir 5-7 ½’ $39.99

#1 Scotch pine 6’-8’ $39.99

Noble fir 6’-7 ½’ $59.99

Small Noble $39.99

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