Saturday, April 30, 2011

Diana the Huntress Statue Offer

Urban Oasis is offering this beautiful locally made statue from Castart Studios at a very special price. Diana's quiet strength and beauty will create an outstanding focal point in any garden.

while supplies last $79.99 regularly $199.99

Diana the Huntress
Designed by Klaus Kinast
9" x 11" x 35"; 110lbs.

In Roman mythology, Diana was recognised as goddess of the moon and of the hunt, equivalent to the Greek goddess Artemis. Praised for her strength, athletic grace, beauty and hunting skill, Diana also had the role of guardian of springs and streams and protector of wild animals. She was especially revered by women, and was believed to grant easy childbirth to her favourites. In art she is typically shown as a young huntress, often carrying bow and arrows.

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